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Laptop, computer, and tablet sitting on desk illustrating cross device convergence

Mobile SEO Prediction for 2018: Cross-Device Convergence

Following a shift towards progressive web apps, mobile SEO expert Cindy Krum predicts that cross-device convergence will be the next big trend in mobile in 2018. But as the number of connected devices expands, so will our understanding of what it means to be “cross-device.” Expect a different definition in 2018!

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Hand holding Samsung mobile device, with full view of apps on home screen

Mobile SEO Prediction for 2018: More Progressive Web Apps

Where is mobile headed in 2018? You’ll see a blurring of web/app lines and an uptick in Progressive Web Apps, says one mobile SEO expert.

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Busy shopping mall with high end stores like Zara and Hugo Boss

GPO Founder Brian Rutledge to Speak at Retailing Summit 2017

Brian Rutledge will speak at Retailing Summit 2017 on October 12 in Dallas, Texas. Using real-world examples, he’ll show brick-and-mortar retailers how to get more clicks, calls, and store visits by fighting back against “digital Disruptors.”

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