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With Local Consumers


Leveraging the digital channel, GPO ensures an online presence anywhere local consumers are looking for your  products & services. We provide our clients with digital strategy, search marketing, store pages, presence management, and more. Our clients include national brands, agencies, and private equity investment firms.

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Our Digital Services Drive Local Consumer Action

GPO offers a range of services that leverage the local nature of how consumers research, shop, and buy products & services. Our objective is to drive a relevant experience that sparks action when a consumer searches online.

Digital Strategy

Coordinate your digital efforts across multiple departments with our unique prioritization approach that aligns initiatives, projects, and tactics around common business goals.


Reach consumers during their search experience with an integrated search strategy that includes both organic and paid search, location listings, and embedded ratings & reviews.

Paid media

Spend your advertising dollars in relevant ways that resonate with local consumers. GPO offers paid media placement across a wide network of online destinations and social networks.

Creative + content

Collaborate on creative and content needs; including landing page design, blog contribution, infographics, display advertising, animations, long and short-form assets, and on-site copy.

Our Solutions Simplify Local Marketing

Being present during the search experience is critically important if you want the transaction. Our GetLocal™ platform creates, manages and distributes localized content everywhere possible.



Geographic relevance is an important ranking factor for every major search engine. GetLocal builds pages for stores, zip codes, neighborhoods, cities, DMAs, states, and more so that when people search locally you show up. The more times you appear in search, the more you ultimately sell.


Presence Management

If you want users to find your physical stores, having accurate location information is critical. Most companies with a retail footprint have an 80% or less accuracy rate for store data. GetLocal clients typically have 95% or higher accuracy. Better location data means more store traffic and sales opportunities.


Ratings + Reviews

Over 85% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Through third-party providers, our GetLocal platform collects and controls review data for your locations. User Generated Content (UGC) such as ratings & reviews increases search relevancy and conversions.


Data feed management

If you market a large number of products, managing data feeds for information such as product images, descriptions, names, prices, and more is essential. GetLocal offers automated data feed management for third party sites and advertising networks such as Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and Bing Product Ads.


Local mailbox

There is a natural barrier between online and offline marketing. GPO offers a revolutionary new method that allows offline retargeting of web visitors. Learn how we can link web visitors to your site (and the content they view) to a physical mailing address. This allows for the delivery of context rich direct mail to self-qualified prospects.

Get to Know GPO

What started as an effort to gain visibility for businesses on search engines has grown into a comprehensive, full-service marketing agency. Led by a group of seasoned industry professionals, GPO partners with companies to improve the way they connect with local consumers. GPO currently manages over 800,000 store pages, data listings, and product feeds for some of the country’s largest brands. With over 10 years of history, GPO is no newcomer to local marketing in the digital space. The company is independently owned and headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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Why Join GPO?

We’re a dedicated team of talented search and digital marketing experts, who are changing the way brands connect with their local markets. If you’re up for the challenge, we want you to join us.

• 3-7 years of account or project management experience Agency, and digital experience a plus
• Responsible for leading efforts with our client brands and organizing our cross functional projects
• Working collaboratively to develop strategy with the client and the cross functional team and ensuring campaigns are delivered on time and in budget.
• They are the face of GPO and work directly with our clients to define engagements and delivery top notch strategy, organization, and service.
• 3-5 years of experience leading marketing strategy and developing campaigns
• Content development, PR, and Social network management experience a plus
• Deep knowledge of research methodology, gap and competitive analysis
• Responsible for developing strategy with cross functional team along with detailed execution of campaign elements combined with relevant reporting to measure client success.
• Internal leader who is flexible and understands the many facets of marketing and can create multichannel plans for greater success.
• 2-5 years of experience in the Paid search industry.
• Deep knowledge of Google Analytics, Google WebMaster Tools and Google Adwords.
• Familiarity with other Ad serving platforms and analytics tools such as Doubleclick, Facebook, and Omniture.
• Passion for data, and optimization based on analytics and performance.
• Self motivated and independent rockstar in the search space
• 1-3 years of experience as an analyst working with complex data sets evaluating trends, data anomalies, and applying findings to create recommendations for change.
• Deep knowledge of Excel worksheets, with a familiarity of Google Analytics, Google WebMaster Tools, Google Adwords and Google My Business.
• Detail oriented, passion for working with data to identify success and concerns.
• Self motivated and independent rockstar in the analytics space
• 2-7 years of experience in marketing, advertising, journalism, PR, or other content delivery space, previous agency or social experience a plus.
• Deep knowledge and excellent proficiency with copy editing, brand voice development and definition.
• Understanding of content strategy, gap analysis, and competitive analysis.
• Intellectually flexible with a passion to learn and write about any topic.
• Works well in teams and on solo projects with an unrelenting commitment to quality.
• 3-10 years of experience in Full Stack or Front End web development, previous agency or search experience a plus.
• Deep knowledge and excellent proficiency with one or more the following: PHP, Json, Javascript, Angular and Responsive Frameworks.
• Personal passion and commitment to QA
• Intellectually flexible with a passion to learn new frameworks and best practices
• Works well in teams and on solo projects with an unrelenting commitment to quality.
• 1-5 years of experience in web design, previous digital agency or marketing preferred. Experience with more typical marketing collateral, branding, and print projects a plus.
• Deep knowledge and excellent proficiency with one or more the following: Photoshop, Illustrator, UX/UI, Bootstrap Framework design, Keynote/Powerpoint template systems
• Personal passion around user interactions, with an acute eye for detail and organization.
• Can clearly communicate design interactions and concepts both in-person and written. Ability to manage project expectations both internally and externally a plus.
• Works well in teams and on solo projects with an unrelenting commitment to quality and meeting deadlines.

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